Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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squares Viva!, down with the boats!, from heroes to terrorists

Written by The Fact's Daily 16/02/2011

squares Viva!, Down with the boats!, even at the bottom (so much that we care about are 'Moroccans'). It 'a myopic squint, that of Europe, not only in Italy, compared to the first event in North Africa and the Middle East, then the revolt of the squares and time to escape from the poverty of thousands of them. For decades, honor and respect to the Pharaoh and the other satraps, which guarantees the stability of the region and had the cap on the entire, albeit at the cost of the oppression of their people (so much that we care about are 'Moroccans') . Then, suddenly, almost, because a day or two we've thought about, living the streets of Tunis and Cairo, and maybe those of Algiers Sunday, Benghazi tomorrow, Yemen, Bahrain, Iran, of course, shouting the desire for freedom (and bread) and order without violence by the end of the schemes. But as the heroes of the streets, the champions of democracy, even if we do not know who they are neither good nor what they think, and fell on the beaches, looking for a job, gain a future, that's word-of interior minister Maroni-immediately become potential terrorists who must be stopped before he left, intercepted, sent back. And the Minister Frattini inflate the public's fear, fears "a huge influx on European shores." Now, one of two things: either the insurgents are the ones on the boats of the squares (And then we have just secured their aid and support and we welcome them, if not with open arms, at least in a non-hostile), or those on the boats are the praetorian regimes killed in escape from hunger, but rather 'fear of retaliation (and then we should remember that only yesterday were our agents in North Africa, repressors also for others, ie ourselves). A little 'consistency, gentlemen and citizens in power, if not humanity. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, leader of the European Green, told the European Parliament: 'It at least weird the sudden awakening of the European capitals who discover that Mubarak (or Ben Ali', ed) was a dictator. " It raises the idea agency assessment of human rights: a Standard & Poor buds of democracy that dictators (and their friends).


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